"My dream is to connect to all the people’s dreams."

-Leon Kennedy

Leon Kennedy (Born Houston, 1945) is a self-taught artist based in Oakland, CA, who has been making spiritually uplifting paintings for over 50 years. Kennedy's art has been shown at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.; the Collection de l’Art Brut in Switzerland; Lowell Revolving Museum; American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore; African American Museum in Dallas; Redux Gallery in Alameda; and King’s Gallery of the San Francisco Unitarian Universalist Church. As part of its groundbreaking exhibition of American outsider art, the Smithsonian purchased one of Kennedy’s large, mural-like paintings executed on a bed sheet. Kennedy’s art was featured in Contemporary American Folk Art by Jan and Chuck Rosenak, who wrote, Leon Kennedy’s paintings, huge mural-works filled with detailed scenes from black inner-city life, are tapestries taken from his youthful memories of life in a Houston ghetto as well as from what he sees around him in his Oakland neighborhood.

happy to see.png
I'm Happy to See Myself, I'm Happy to be Myself. 2020, acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24.